Monica Stonier Announces For State Representative In The 49th Legislative District

Education Champion Monica Stonier Announces Campaign For 49th District State House Seat



Tuesday, October 20th, 2015


Vancouver-Education champion Monica Stonier announced today she will campaign for the 49th District State House Position Two. This is the seat being vacated by State Representative Jim Moeller who is running for Washington State Lieutenant Governor.

"This is such a critical time for our public schools as the legislature works to fulfill the requirements of the State Supreme Court's McCleary decision. I believe we need more people with classroom experience helping to put that policy in place," said Monica Stonier.

Vancouver needs strong, experienced leaders in Olympia who have a proven track record of getting results. Stonier is respected for her first hand experience in the classroom where dollars should be put to work for students.

Offering much needed diversity in the state legislature, Monica is a parent of young children, a person of color, and a woman. These are all perspectives severely lacking in Olympia. She has a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate from Western Washington University and a master’s degree from Washington State University Vancouver. Professionally, Monica works as an instructional coach at Pacific Middle School. Previously she was a middle school teacher and believes that today, we are educating workers for jobs we cannot even imagine. Her professional work reflects her belief that the priority of public education should be to teach kids to think critically, not just pass tests.  

Monica and her husband Brandon have been married for fifteen years and now have two children who attend public school in Vancouver. She has a respected and successful history as a legislator in the 17th legislative district when she served as Vice Chair of the House Education committee, was awarded legislator of the year for her work on issues related to career and technical education and passed a bill creating the Breast Cancer Awareness license plate in Washington with funds going to early screenings for the underinsured. Since serving in the legislature, Monica has continued to bring stakeholders together addressing issues of homelessness and poverty.




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